I became interested in the Challenger as the first public disaster I personally experienced. As a whole, people collectively watched the shuttle explode in front of their eyes. Even though most of us had no direct connection with the people on the shuttle, the tragic events profoundly shaped those who witnessed it. That day was suppose to be full of hope and excitement for the future turned into a day of extreme loss and grief. Being eight years old and a daughter of an Elementary teacher, I had been anticipating that day for months.

Through my research, I began to watch all of the you tube videos I could find on the disaster. The ones that struck me the most was not the actual Challenger itself, but the children's faces watching the Challenger exploding. Their eyes, mouths and hands were so powerful and full of emotion, that I was immediately brought back to that instant. I felt compelled to recreate their gestures of shock to encapsulate this moment that has stayed with me and anyone else who witnessed that day in 1986.

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