Nevada City, CA, March 2009
The bedrock mortars are filled with rainwater, feeding a small eco-system that has developed; years ago these were mixing bowls for food. They are now artifacts and have become part of the landscape; a reminder of what came before.
I brought 21 samples of dirt from people I know across the US. They each sent me a little bit of dirt from their garden, their front yard, the beach or the closet dirt to their home. The dirt represents a person and their place. Every person who gave me the dirt is a transplant from another place. I thought about how many of us never really think about what is below us, the actual earth. We all often have disconnected with our land since so much of it is paved over with concrete. Maybe the dirt is just dirt but for that moment it gave each person a chance to actually think about the place where they live and feel the land.
I sat on the boulder and poured each baggy of dirt in the mortar until there was this large pile of earth—all various colors, textures and history. I then redistributed the mixed dirt to small clay vessels I made, which will be given to all the people who participated in my project.