Composition for Synthesizer, Voice and Ice
performed by Orbless with visuals by Kelly Lynn Jones

The poetic and mysterious piece, "Sound of Ice Melting" by Paul Kos in 1970 is a catalyst for Collin McKelvey's (Orbless) sound investigations of stasis for his performance at the Berkeley Art Museum in April. Utilizing the sound produced by ice as it expands, contracts and fractures as a basis, it is then transformed through granular synthesis and modulation into a new language of sound. Alongside modular analog synthesis and processed voice, McKelvey will produce a constantly shifting quadraphonic soundscape that will envelop the listener with the aid of the unique acoustics of the Berkeley Art Museum. In harmony with the sounds, Kelly Lynn Jones creates a visual composition comprised of manipulated documentations of the romantic obsessions of the Arctic during the mid 1800's. "The Arctic Regions" published in 1873 was a book documented by the artist, William Bradford highlighting the Arctic both as a scientific yet idyllic lens into this foreign land. Jones explores this myth as it continues today around these colossal mountains of ice and how their mere existence creates narratives of truth, reality, fantasy and a metaphor of mans' relationship with nature.