Re-Imagine|Re-Build|Repeat Project at Sight School, Oakland CA
10/1- 11/6/2010

Chance plays a huge part in how Jones’s work unfolds, which lead to why she decided to invite other artists to help create a new show each week. For 5 weeks, 8 artists joined her in re-imagining the same gallery space each week for four weeks. Her role shifted as artist, curator, architect, director and performer simultaneously, creating a variety of perspectives while working on all of the installations.

Each week provided a new space of inquiry, thought and engagement. The collaborations for the weekly installments were first conceived out of considering the commonalities between the artist and Jones. They created a concept around those common interests and how those ideas could function as well as highlight the space. Each weekly project proved to be about process, problem solving, time constraints and ultimately learning to let go once the opening was over since a new installment was beginning. As the reflection of the past month sets in, most of the artists involved saw the weeks as a beginning of a larger collaboration and will continue to build off of the work they began in that week at Sight School.

The ideas that were investigated throughout the month of October within a multitude of media are as follows:

Seeking to define moments of internal focus, homage to the present and the importance of pause and reflection, creating instructions as a way to make art, exploring the many layers of how history unfolds between the archetypal function of an object and story telling, and probing what it means for an artist to work, and what that work is.

Artists include: Kelly Lynn Jones, Michelle Blade, Brandon Walls Olsen, Matthew Waldbillig, Georgia Carbone, Maggie Haas, Samantha Roth, Collin McKelvey, and Victoria Keddie.

**These images are from the closing of the exhibition on 11/6/2010

Kelly Lynn Jones worked with all of the artists involved and created a group exhibition that ultimately highlighted the many actions and objects that occupied the space in October. New pieces were made from the earlier installations as well as a sound piece from Collin McKelvey who documented the movement during the making of all the pieces. Victoria Keddie recreated through video and sound a set of objects Jones had sent to her in NYC

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