Re-Imagine|Re-Build|Repeat Project WEEK 2
10/1- 11/6/2010

Kelly Lynn Jones and Brandon Walls Olsen have devised a game in which they both, as players, interpret and respond to a series of instructions. The duty of creating the next instruction alternates between players. Each called for either new actions or reply to the specific versions, edits, and accumulations of forms. This occurred only within their individual spaces temporarily held at Sight School, as they were literally blind to the other player's previous translations from language to production which have simultaneously occurred next door.

Although the game has no set goal, it functions to highlight the artists' working methodologies and logic, and to expose the malleability of these practices under various limitations and structures. The project has also been designed to position the collaborative space as a site of competition, or one for productive misinterpretations, as laboratory, and as an intersection between monologue and dialogue.

First two instructions:

Kelly Lynn Jones: Create a repeated pattern with 4 shapes and the colors of gray, pink and orange. It should be no bigger than 24in.

Brandon Walls Olsen: using the entirety of the pattern and the whole of any support that it was produced on, rearrange the project so that it no longer has any pattern.