Re-Imagine|Re-Build|Repeat Project WEEK 4
10/1- 11/6/2010

Kelly Lynn Jones, Samantha Roth and Maggie Haas turned Sight School into a workshop.

They veered off the track of their regular studio practices to spend a week making things without considering ahead of time whether they’re art or not. What happens when you don’t differentiate between making a drawing and making a bookshelf? Or a shirt? They thought about why they get the urge to take on these personal projects, from cooking to gardening to carpentry, when they are in the studio.

The artists came prepared with a wish list of projects that get sidelined in the studio. They started by constructing their ideal temporary workshop. Some of their projects overlapped, and they shared tools and materials, and collaborated.

The week was about realizing dream projects and probing what it means for an artist to work, and what that work is.