This video is a documentation of a collaboration between Kelly Lynn Jones and Collin McKelvey in response to the City Reader Project curated by Julie Cloutier. The project took place at Adobe Books on 16th Street in San Francisco. They filmed and recorded sounds both inside of the bookstore and looking outside onto sidewalk. The concept is around our relationship between the inside/outside and public/private. There is never truly a private space and everything is constantly co-existing and interrupting while we negotiate our daily spaces both mentally and physically.
Contact mics were set up inside on the sidewalk facing windows to pick up the vibrations from the outside activities. They also picked up on the louder ambient noises from inside the shop. There was also a contact mic attached to a piece of paper that was used to record observations and ideas of private versus public spaces. These contact mics were then fed through a mixer, and output to an amplified speaker positioned in the entrance way of Adobe Books. Therefore, the sounds were summed and re-projected into the public space to recreate the experience in real time.
September 2010